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Defining informed interactions helps us predict pain points and provides insight into functionality and user behavior. We apply findings from customer segmentation and map out scenarios in which users might interact with your brand.


Brand positioning is defined as the conceptual place you want to own in the target consumer’s mind — the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand. An effective brand positioning strategy will maximize customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, in maximizing brand value.

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User Profiles and Journeys

User profiles or personas are representations of your customer types based on a research and customers observation. They are fictional characters that have deeper qualities and characteristics that reflect personal attributes such as needs, habits, character, pain, etc.

Brand Attributes

Your brand attributes are your brands core values, they  represent the essence of the brand. Brand attributes are a set of characteristics that identify the physical, character and personality traits of the brand, similar to the attributes that allow us to consistently identify individuals.

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Customer Segementation

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers into groups based on common characteristics so you can market to each group effectively and appropriately.

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