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How to Tell a Good Story with Your Content

Great stories build relationships and make people care. That’s why in today’s fast-paced world, businesses need to interact with their audience and make them feel connected with their stories.

For example, people might not care so much about a blind man asking for money on the street with a sign saying “I am blind” but they may go an extra mile and be inclined to help the same blind man who shares a story of what it’s like to be in his shoes with a sign that says “spring is coming but I won’t see it”

Why, because they can put themselves in his shoes and imagine what it will be like not to see spring.

A good story is therefore a cohesive narrative that brings together both facts and emotions that your brand evokes, and customers need to see and feel you in your communications across all mediums.

Okay, so how do you convey a clear message to your audience with the various contents you churn out from your brand?

Identify the Core Message

Your core message is the thing you MUST communicate as doing it right helps you set the tone of every communication. It could be initiated from a story which may act like a premise – the one sentence that summarizes your entire message.

To craft your core message, you can think of what you want your reader to take out from your content.

Consider what kind of story will convey the message

Telling the right story depends largely on the audience that you will be communicating to. For example, while some audience may appreciate a funny narrative, others may not relate to the jokes you’re telling. Some points you should consider about your audience is, how do they talk, where do they live? What appeals to them? Or scares them? As you get to know and understand your audience you can apply insights learned to the contents you create for them.

Define your content structure

One of the important components of high-quality, high-ranking content is its structure. When communicating with your audience, your readers should be able to see clearly your flow of thoughts and be carried in your journey. Remember the premise we talked about earlier? Think of that as your beginning or introduction, follow that with a middle which usually could be an elaborate idea of the main idea, then give your content a firm end which brings your audience to the close of your message.

Always include Characters

Adding a human element to your story is important as they serve as the driving force in your story. Readers can experience the world that you’ve created through your characters.

When your character takes your audience on their journey, your audience connects the problem to the solution and better remembers both.

Always include a call to action

This is the part of your message that tells your audience what to do, If written right, it makes them feel inspired to do it. Your Call to Action (CTA) has the potential to turn observers into customers or boost your conversation rate.

Think Keywords

Keywords are the very foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), If you don’t understand your keywords, you can’t effectively promote your communication.  Your keywords in a content or communication message can be the very main idea/word you are trying to communicate. Keyword phrases are multiword phrases typed into a search engine. So you can think of what exactly your audience will be typing into their search engines

Encourage Share on Share Media

When you aim to create remarkable and people-focused content, think of ways that will allow your content to go beyond the first touchpoint which is where it is first shared or seen. You can encourage your audience to share, comment, and inspire their friends by sending it to them.

Partner across Various Departments

Think of how your content can be integrated across various departments. This is done with the goal of achieving a sound message across board within an organization. Your messages should be reinforced over and over and over again

I hope that you write better content and build your brand story effectively, but I also would love to see other business owners like you do the same. Drop your comments and share this with a friend also.

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