A Gift of Blood - Creative Direction


A menstrual hygiene awareness campaign that aims to provide a snapshot of the diverse ways menstruation is represented


To use art as a powerful means to confront and subvert stigma around menstruation.

To challenge through educating people of all ages and genders about the menstrual cycle.


An art-exhibition to discuss what many still find a very difficult topic “Menstruation”. We saw the exhibition as a creative way to talk about what happens to the female body, opening the doors to an often-hidden topic and taking a step in removing that stigma altogether. At the same time, we were focused on increasing awareness and capacity of young girls to dealing with menstrual hygiene.

A selection criterion detailing the mode and level of participation and contribution by beneficiary schools and artists was developed and shared during project launch. For the exhibition, we called in female artists ranging in from painters to musicians and sculptures and documented their experiences with menstruation.

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Through this bottom to top approach, students, artists and key stakeholders within the target area were invited to participate in the programme and we were able to transform viewer’s perceptions and broaden mind-sets on such tabooed topics and refashion socio-cultural ideals. We also determined the level of commitment of the stakeholders towards ensuring sustainability of the project in the long run. 

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